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Download the Opening Story

Get the first story in the book, entitled "Homer" by Helen Blanchard, DTM, the first female International President of Toastmasters.

Convention Book Release

On Wednesday, August 21, 2013 the Heart of a Toastmaster book had an unprecedented global release at the Toastmasters International Convention held at Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Over 1,600 members from 122 countries were in attendance.

Contributors Showcased!

Of the 37 Published Contributors attending the Annual Convention, 15 shared their stories from the stage, lifting the words right off the page! This first-ever unprecedented member showcase educational session was 90+ minutes long, and the ballroom audience was filled with excited members.

Listen to the Pre-Convention Official Podcast

Before the International Convention in August 2013, Official Podcast of Toastmasters International Hosts, Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque, interviewed author Sheryl Roush regarding the book and the Convention Session. Listen to that PODCAST here:
Toastmasters Podcast #071: 2013 International Convention Special Sneak Preview! (Part 3)

International Book Orders

ADD the Heart of a Toastmaster book to your Supply Orders from Toastmasters International, and for ALL orders outside of the United States.

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  Magazine Feature Story!

February issue of TOASTMASTER Magazine, featured an article on the Heart of a Toastmaster Book and Contributors! Congratulations to each Member published and for sharing YOUR Story with the world!

TV & Radio Show Interviews

Brian Cohen, DTM, Contributor, interviewed Sheryl Roush, March 24, 2014, on his Strategies of Success radio show regarding the Book and Toastmasters: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/strategiesofsuccess/2014/03/24/heart-of-a-toastmaster-sheryl-roush-author-speaker

Denis Nurmela, Contributor, interviewed Sheryl Roush on his Saturday Morning CEO Show, http://vimeo.com/82128949

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About Toastmasters

ToastmastersLogoColorToastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Membership of 313,000+ strong, where individuals improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 14,650 Clubs in 126 countries that make up a global network of meeting locations.

Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. At about $45 USD every six months, it is also one of the most cost-effective skill-building tools available anywhere.

We each have our unique story of how we found Toastmasters -- whether being told to attend by a boss -- dragged by a colleague or spouse -- or sought it out on our own. However we found our way to the meeting room, the important thing is, we FOUND it!

Whether we were scared, overwhelmed or excited -- we faced our fears, introduced ourselves, responded to that first Table Topic question, presented our Icebreaker, accepted feedback -- and came back for more! Whether you are new to Toastmasters, or a seasoned member, you will enjoy, relate to and celebrate these genuine stories shared by fellow Toastmasters… sharing the passion, successes and gratitude of our membership. It's a honor to bring you this collection -- by, for and about our members -- The Heart of a Toastmaster.

Personal Short Stories

HoT-Front-500pxThe Heart of a Toastmasters is an inspirational collection of true short stories, tributes and heartfelt messages by, for, and about members of Toastmasters International.


  • A Catalyst for Change
  • Benefits Galore
  • Celebrating Professional Success
  • Convention Magic
  • Facing the Fears of Public Speaking
  • Giving Back
  • Living the Dream
  • Our Global Family of Support
  • Overcoming Adversities
  • Relying on Toastmasters Skills
  • Stepping Into Leadership
  • Tributes
  • Using Skills to Serve the Community
  • Where Leaders Are Made

The Toastmasters Experience, from Daniel Rex, Chief Executive Officer

After 23 years of working for Toastmasters International, I still get excited about what Toastmasters can do for people. Members gain the confidence and competence to transform their lives. They veer outside their comfort zone, stretch their skills, learn about themselves, and fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Heart of a Toastmaster offers many compelling stories of such transformative experiences. Members from around the world write of the communication and leadership skills they have developed through Toastmasters, and the new opportunities they have encountered as a result; they tell of pushing past their initial fears and the pride they feel in their growth and accomplishments; they reveal inspiring examples of overcoming personal adversity with the help of their fellow members; they speak of friends and mentors, of speech-contest thrills and International Convention memories.

All of that is part of the Toastmasters experience.

Through their journeys, members become leaders, able to use their new skills to positively impact others—whether at work, at home or in their communities. This is the great gift of Toastmasters: In becoming a confident leader, you enrich the lives of other people, which, in turn, is deeply enriching to yourself.

As Past International President Gary Schmidt once said, “Confidence and leadership culminate in serving others. When we serve others, we ultimately serve ourselves.”

~ Daniel Rex, Chief Executive Officer, Toastmasters International


Little Did I Know …

It was a crisp March morning when I mustered up the courage to walk into the restaurant meeting room. Two women, professionally dressed, greeted me at the door with warm handshakes and sincere smiles. The fire was crackling in the background as they offered me coffee and a seat next to the elderly, chipper woman who had “invited” me to attend. A few days ago, when I met Mary Porter at a business function, she said something about how this “club” would help me with my business and giving employees “feedback.” Little did they know that I had just filed for divorce from an alcoholic and abusive husband. No one knew of my personal pain. No one knew that the self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth had been verbally and physically beaten out of me.

Little did I know that I would find my voice, my passion, and my purpose.

That was 26 years ago, and thanks to Voyagers Club #5315 hosting a “Speechcraft” public speaking and communication skills series, my healing began ... and I found my tribe, my transformation, and my Heart in Toastmasters.

Sheryl Roush, DTM, Past District Governor, Accredited Speaker, San Diego, California USA


We each have our own unique story of how we found out about Toastmasters, whether being told by a boss to get ourselves immediately to a club, or dragged by a supportive colleague (or a loving spouse)… or having courageously sought out Toastmasters on our own. However we found our way to the meeting room, the important thing is, we found it!

Whether we were scared, overwhelmed or excited, we plunged ahead, introduced ourselves, responded to that first Table Topics challenge, presented our Ice Breaker, accepted feedback—and still returned for more!

Whether you are new to Toastmasters, or a seasoned member, you will enjoy, relate to and celebrate these diverse and genuine stories by your fellow Toastmasters … as you share their passion, successes and gratitude for our membership.

It’s an honor to bring you this collection by, for and about our members—The Heart of a Toastmaster.

From My Heart to Yours,



Abundant thanks to the stellar team at Toastmasters International World Headquarters making this publication possible, and for all of their heart-full service supporting our global membership every day, in countless ways!

To Daniel Rex, Chief Executive Officer, and Sally Newell Cohen, Chief Operations Officer, for their encouragement to compile this masterpiece.

To Sue Campbell, Graphics Design Manager for overseeing production and design, and to Diana Helms, Graphic Designer, making the stories sparkle off the page.

To the meticulous editing skills of Paul Sterman, Senior Editor for Publications and PR, for sharing your enthusiasm about this book while indulging in the submissions.

What People Are Saying

Kathy J. Loesberg
Thank you, Sheryl Roush, for producing your 'labor of love.' Thank you, Sparkle Presentations, Inc. and Toastmasters International for collaborating on this special project. The book will impress people of all ages when positioned in your home library or office in the section with your more intelligent books. Stock up now for contests and district events. Increase attendance at both. Clubs - need a give-away item? This is the perfect complement to 'Speak' (the movie).
Kathy J. LoesbergACB, ALB, Livingston, New Jersey USA
Bennie Bough
In reading Heart of a Toastmaster, I thought I was reading my own experiences. In my 60 years as a Toastmaster, I found that Toastmasters opens the doors to success! It certainly did it for me, and it can do it for you. This book will inspire you to realize your true potential.
Bennie BoughDTM, International President 1993-1993
Michael Notaro
In May of 1985, I was a graduating senior at the University of California and needed help with job interviews and a graduation speech. I joined Toastmasters, believing a brief membership would help improve my public speaking skills. But I never left. The supportive, positive club environment engaged me, inspired me and empowered me – building confidence for a lifetime of leadership and service.
Michael NotaroDTM, International President 2011-2012
Sonny Varghese
A truly inspiring book with relevant success stories of individuals who believed in the Toastmasters vision. It narrates how the benefits of Toastmasters activities and communication skills changed their destiny and made them successful persons. Discover that a person can be happy no matter what is going on in life. This is more than a motivational book but a realistic and life changing transcript.
Sonny VargheseDTM, Past District 79 Governor, Region Advisor, 2010-2011
Monique Blokzyl
Who has not heard inspirational stories of how Toastmasters empowered people reach incredible heights. Some climbed the career ladder three steps at a time. Others rescued their marriage as they learned how to listen. And again others made the world a better place after discovering their voice and self-esteem. And now, here is this powerful book with heart-warming Toastmasters stories. A word of warning: they will get under your skin! They will make you very proud to be a Toastmaster. And if you are not one yet, these stories will get you over the tipping point and you will sign up right away.
Monique BlokzylACG, CL, Founder of the Business Launch Portal and very proud Toastmaster
Ritchie Chong
I believe that if you want to set yourself apart from others, you have to develop your public speaking skills. Like energy drinks for your body Sheryl Roush’s Heart of a Toastmaster awakens & unleash the thunder in you to ways of achieving your goal. Real life stories captured here. Sound the alarm! You’ll be glad you read it.
Ritchie ChongDTM, District 51 Governor 2009-2010
Malaysia Airlines Best Employee 2012
Toastmasters International Presidential Citation Recipient 2013
Ted Corcoran
People often ask me why I stay a member of Toastmasters. The reason is simple – it’s because of the very many members whom I’ve seen change from nervous and shy beginners, lacking in self confidence, to people who can march out into the big world and make their mark in so many ways. I’m always surprised how quickly this change happens, and even more delighted to see it happen in front of my eyes, as it were. The stories in this book simply prove that these changes in people are universal, and not confined to any country, culture, or club. Toastmasters is the greatest catalyst for positive personal change that I know and all of us have a duty to share this invaluable information. This book will help enormously in doing so.
Ted CorcoranDTM, International President 2003-2004

About Me

Sheryl Roush, DTM is a 26-year member of Toastmasters. She served as District 5 Governor in 1993-94. In 1993 she earned the elite Accredited Speaker designation for professionalism and outstanding platform presentation skills in six categories of public speaking. In 2009 she was selected from 283,000 member to be honored with the Presidential Citation for enhancing global communication and leadership from International President Jana Barnhill, DTM, Accredited Speaker. A 17-time published author, her other titles include: Sparkle-Tudes, Heart of a Woman, Heart of a Mother, Heart of the Holidays and Solid Gold Newsletter Design. A Professional Members of the National Speakers Association, she has presented over 3,000 presentations in 10 countries. A conference presenter, she has keynote opened for Dancing with the Stars' Marie Osmond, and closed for actress Gena Davis, and well as presented on programs alongside Olivia Newton-John, Suze Orman and Jane Seymour. For more information on Sheryl, and preview videos, visit SherylRoush.com